Mar 022015

Dear Future Employer

Last minute presentations are not really anyone’s top pick for ways to spend a beautiful Sunday evening, but alas, a few must battle for the many (many being those who present on Wednesday instead of Monday). There was a rumor going around last semester that things get easier as one proceeds through the year, like easing into those 2 pound dumbbells I haven’t really touched since 2011. It might just be the combination of a valuation class with what I can only describe as advanced to really late stages of data mining, but I haven’t had to perform quite such a balancing act since I last dropped those same dumbbells in 2011.

But that’s an MBA for you – time loses its boundaries; the last time you checked, there just weren’t enough hours in the day to get that last bit of work done, but it gets done, and the next thing you know, you’re standing at the altar of Van Munching hall puzzling over how you ever managed that mysterious feat. It’s most reassuring, especially on a week like this, when all the quizes and presentations have piled up, like a tax accountants office in April. So, as we tread gingerly into this week, let us, with spirited humor, brush up on our business vocabulary through this funny, if only in jest, Weird Al song. Until next time.


MBA Candidate 2016