May 072015

Dear Future Employer,

Our final tests for the semester┬ástand as gatekeepers to the summer, and as we chug along to confront them with varying degrees of willingness, thoughts of internships constantly steal our attention. What is it going to be like? Will I use anything I’ve learnt so far? Will I remember what it’s like to work after this entire year of school? Why do I have to take tests? Perhaps I should study…

Pondering over these nuggets, I can’t help but think about┬áthe countless graduates, stooped over their desks at the end of their first year, worrying about a future that (hopefully) in retrospect, was clear as the day. Still, perhaps what makes us most human is that we have a penchant for knowingly pouring ourselves over things we simply cannot control. So as we brush up on capital markets, consumer theory and two sided networks, I hope this year of school creates the right balance of smirks, aha-moments and quietly shed tears in the office closet this summer, so we come back next fall feeling just as superior as MBA students should.


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