Nov 042015

B-school conjures up a very specific image in one’s head. For those contemplating an MBA, B-school means sharp suites, an expanded business vocabulary that finally renders you capable of saying something apart from ‘thinking outside the box’ and of course, tons of firm handshakes and follow up emails. But as in life, business school often lands you a few from where you least expect it. So here’s a list of things students don’t expect to learn at R.H. Smith School of Business:

  1. Regression analysis

There are only two types of people in the world of regression – those who get it and those who don’t. And even amongst those who do, there are sufficient moments of squinted sideways glances to make it seem like someone pulled the rug from under your feet.

  1. How to walk into a room and get everyone to stand up

No, not because you are popular (which you very well may be), but because you booked a case room and the previous occupants need to stand up to leave. It’s a small victory on days you spent too many hours gaping at regression equations on the whiteboard.

  1. An appreciation for products you can’t possibly afford

Because you finally understand how margins work, how cost-based-accounting works and how you can no longer play the game of sour grapes when you see something that’s just outside your budget. To be fair, you should expect to learn this, but the dawning of the idea that not all corporations are evil is still unexpected for some.

  1. Business suits require you to maintain your weight

Yes, there’s only one way to keep your well-fitted suit well-fitted – by respecting where the buttons are positioned.

  1. Have your cake and eat it too

Literally. Every Thursday. Balancing a drink and food in both your hands while standing and talking and eating all at the same time. It’s a feat for the limbs, an unexpected but valuable skill.