OK I have to post this because this pertains to the Business school. An incident happened last week where I overheard someone getting a new Macbook Pro and she does not know how to use a Mac.  When asked if she would like Windows on it, she replied “Of course!” […]

Why are you getting a Mac?

[warning]The following is not supported by the R.H. Smith School of Business, Office of Smith IT, nor Division of Information Technology.  Use at your own risk![/warning] Ever since my little girl was born, I’ve been struggling with space on my iPhone.  It’s because I take so many videos and pictures […]

Freeing up space on iPhone

I haven’t posted in a while but I had a good reason – I’ve been too busy with my new little girl.  That’s right.  I’m finally a mom.  While I was home with my newborn, I took alot of photos of my daughter, but mostly with my iPhone. I told […]

My opinion about photos from iPhones/iPads

This has been bugging me for a while now.  Whenever I log into one of my Citrix server using my AD admin account, I would get a temporary desktop (that won’t save my settings) and a popup message saying I’m using a temporary profile.  According to the site below, it […]

Windows 7 using Temporary Profile

The way I set the default printers in the labs is to use Group Policy.  Whenever a user logs into AD, it reads what Group Policy has to say about what printer that person gets, then applies the default printer based on location.  No need to change the image to […]

Damn Printer Group Policies

So I was going through my emails and I told my husband that I kept all these UMD Alert emails in my inbox just for the hell of it.  He thought it would be a nice project if I plot all these alerts on a map so I got Michael […]

Placemark Project

A lot has happened since my last post that I didn’t have time to post, especially when school started.  Where do I begin? New Citrix Deployed – We introduced our new Citrix to the community.  So far we got good feedback from faculty and returning students about the new Citrix […]

So Many Things, So Little Time

I created a list of computers I wanted to join to Active Directory on my Macbook, but I couldn’t add them on my Macbook so I made a remote desktop connection onto a Windows Server 2008 R2 server to add them.  There is a VBscript what will take a list […]

Copy and Paste from Mac to Windows

General Lee Scooter - Pixlr Edit
Ever want to quickly resize your photos or do some touchups, but don’t have a copy of Photoshop?  Well I’ve found 2 pretty good online photo editors – Aviary (http://www.aviary.com/) and Pixlr (http://pixlr.com/).  Kevin Green told me about Aviary and started using that since MSPaint is not an option on […]

Online Photo Editor

I decided to play with this Gallery feature that was just added.  It took me a while to figure out how to do the Albums vs Gallery, but I think I managed.  I think I need to make a cool watermark for my photos.  Check out some of the photos […]

New Gallery Feature