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The post exam gloom!

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I just handed in my take home exam for Financial Accounting and boy, am I glad. The last few days haven’t been relaxing at all, given that we had final exams for three subjects in the last three days. Monday was Managerial Economics, Tuesday-Leadership and Wednesday-Financial Accounting. This apart from the regular assignments for the other classes, group projects etc, which never fail to keep us occupied for most of our time. 

Handing over the take home, I heaved a sigh of relief but the next moment I felt a bit gloomy. It was as if I could not think of what I would do now, which is pretty unusual given the tight schedule we follow. I agree that the weather too is partly responsible for this gloom, especially because it has started to get very cold. The sun seems to be playing hide and seek with the clouds most of the time and the strong winds have been trying hard to blow away each single leaf on the trees. I guess it’s better for us humans to stay indoors and not interfere in this game of strength. 

Given the somewhat dark weather conditions, it is natural to sleep more but the equally bad conditions, given the exams et al, have been keeping me awake. Guess, the war of strength has spread indoors as well. I have been spending most of my time after classes at home  in my room, trying to study, but it gets tough when you realize that the nice, warm and cozy mattress is depreciating and loosing value for its not being used that much lately. The mattress kind of tempts you and invites you, persuading you to call it a day and sleep and yet I have been fighting to somehow avoid being a victim to those wicked devices.

I have been pushing myself enough to getting accustomed to being busy, and now suddenly the idea of having some free time sounds a bit gloomy to me. It’s not that I don’t have important work pending but then, I think the work can be procrastinated a bit more, given that I don’t have any tight deadlines coming up in the next few days. Moreover, I believe I perform better when I have a deadline to meet. Guess it makes sense to delay and relax for a while. I also realized that the classes for the new subject for the upcoming mini-semester, Marketing Management begin only on Monday, the 27’th of October, so I would not be having classes for two subjects for a few days. That’s a lot of free time and most important no readings. Wow! But yeah, I am going to attend the conference and career fair being organized by the National Association of Women MBA’s (NSHMBA) in Stamford, Connecticut, so I think I would want to spend some time looking for what is most important for me now, an internship. But guess, I could do that part lying in my cozy bed and falling asleep would not be a sin. Well almost.
Looks like it would still be slack and I would be able to catch up on some sleep, get back in touch with friends and family, and maybe even watch a movie or two, go out for some good food and drinks. Sounds cool??

Guess I can live with a little gloom for now!


Am I done with the courses already?

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It’s not even been 2 months since classes began and suddenly I realized that classes for two of the subjects are over! I did give the mid semester exams for the subjects, Managerial Economics and Financial Accounting, and I was hoping to do better in the next exams, given that I had not performed to my expectations, at least in financial accounting. But, when I checked the syllabus for these subjects, as I always do, to check for the readings due for the class, I found that it was the last class for these two subjects and both of them on the same day, Wednesday the 15th of October 2008.

Suddenly an ocean of emotions overcame me and I was full of mixed feelings, for the last day of classes for these subjects had arrived sooner than I had expected. In fact, I had just started to get a hold of some things and was getting set to learn and understand the application of the concepts, and now the time was up already. Guess, that’s what an MBA is all about. Do it all and do it fast!

I thought about the last few weeks in school and it all flashed in front of my eyes, the classes, discussions, the time utilized in class and the time I wasted not catching up on the coursework. I was always lagging behind in Financial Accounting, at least I think I was, primarily for my procrastinating studying it and doing something else in the limited time I got, and secondly for the reason that the professor Dr. Gary Bulmash made it so interesting and simple that I always believed I could catch up later. Guess I was not right. Well, for those who do not know professor Bulmash, the professor is known for his love for accounting and his classes are always fun to attend, for he has this uncanny ability to fit in some humor, obviously related to the accounting profession and in the positive sense, in between the gravest of concepts. The subject kind of lightly floats around your heads and it is up to you to grab it and absorb as much as you want or let it go altogether. I admit that I could have derived more value out of the classes but I guess I never was an accounting person. But I do believe that I have absorbed just enough to keep me afloat.

As for Managerial Economics, I would surely miss the power packed sessions of Dr. Rachelle Sampson, who made Managerial Economics as interesting as it could ever get. Her infectious smile, the speed of delivering content and the effective use of positive body language with all the animation and movement, had all been her key characteristics in the classes, which I found all the more exciting for the subject involved quite a bit of math, lots of curves-demand, supply et al and also included lots of stimulating discussions on the various industries we took up as part of the case studies. Getting to research on a particular industry of our choice, and discussing the cases prepared by the groups on other major industries, one at a time, in the class, applying the concepts we had learnt and building upon the theory as we proceeded was a key factor in making the class useful. Thanks to the course and more to the professor, I got to learn more about the theatre industry in the US, the case I did with my team, and also about half a dozen more industries such as the omnipresent breakfast cereals, the major global brands in the beverage industry(read Coke and Pepsi 🙂 ) , the airline industry and more.

The last day of class was especially very meaningful, for we discussed about all the concepts we had learnt in this course and the revision brushed the theory and refreshed our memory helping us to remove any doubts left. The impression became all the more lasting for the professor flashed the same article that we had discussed on the first day of class weeks ago, about a major automaker announcing its plan to increase price of its cars, and now the article projected a picture entirely different from what we had seen at the beginning of the course. It all seemed to make sense, kind of like one of those “aha” moments we all cherish. As the professor said, her intention was to alter the way we look at news and read the articles. I bet she did succeed in doing that and much more.

Thanks a lot, Dr. Gary Bulmash and Dr. Rachelle Sampson!
Professor Gary Bulmash Professor Rachelle Sampson


@ The Smith Consulting Forum

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It was a bright sunny Friday morning, a perfect day for an outing yet I was heading to the school, the energy within in-sync with the weather outside. 3rd October, 2008 was the day for the 10th annual Smith Consulting Forum, a marquee event of the consulting club featuring and sponsored by top consulting firms in and around the DC area.

It was a day long event where we heard from the consultants and also from clients who avail the services of such consulting firms. It really did give a complete perspective of how things work from both the ends of the table. It was all the more engaging since we had people from multiple firms sitting together and discussing the points as opposed to the conventional presentation style.

The Consulting Panel

In the morning session we heard from the panel of consultants on what recruiters are looking for, the current challenges, experience required, and also how to prepare for those challenges. In the post lunch session, we had the clients’s panel from whom we got to know about the clients’s expectations from consultants, the challenges and their vision for the future, keeping in mind the current market and economic trends.

The forum was wrapped up with an engaging speech by Mr. Raj Sharma, CEO Censeo consulting. Although all the sessions had offered lots of learning, yet I liked the keynote address the most, as Mr. Sharma took a more humane perspective of things and expressed his opinion and vision of how he feels consulting should be and how his organization is trying to build that platform. After all, it is important to maintain a balance in life and also to perform and persist in an industry characterized by pressure and quick burnout.

Evening was the time for the Cocktail reception, a time to network and bond with the representatives and get to know more about them, their work etc. This again provided us an opportunity to meet the people from the industry, our peers and also to interact with, discuss and understand the challenges and drivers of the consulting industry.

Well, after having spent the day on non-acedemic real life knowledge building activities, it was time to get back to studies, for we had the mid semester exams for another two first semester core courses the coming week. It indeed was a time well spent and a good starting for the weekend ahead.