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The wonder that is Snow!

February 3rd, 2009 by under General. No Comments.

It has been a long time since winter started and I had been hoping it would snow sometime during the vacations so I could enjoy it all the more. My prayers were finally answered last week and it snowed, heavily, but only after our classes for the second semester had begun.

I had been checking “” religiously for predictions of snow, and all the time their predictions had been incorrect. Well, I don’t blame them, for the weather is notoriously unpredictable and the working of such things as weather, stock markets, currency exchange rates etc. are more or less not determinable with absolute certainty or accuracy.

For this term, I have classes starting early morning on Mondays and Wednesdays. It is tough to get out of bed, for the winter effect, and also for my habit of sleeping late, developed over the long vacations. But on Tuesdays and Thursdays, I have just one class and that too later in the afternoon and I can afford the luxury of sleeping more, at least for now.

This Tuesday, the 27th of January, I was my usual self, “snoozing” the alarm early morning, trying to steal few more minutes of precious sleep, but from the corner of my eye, I noticed something floating down outside my window. I somehow managed to get out of bed and opened my eyes to a fresh white world. I could see fluffy starry-flakes leisurely gliding down from the sky, settling down on the first thing that came in their way. It was winter at its best, with all things white and bright, and more color was being taken away by the minute. It was all mystical.

As they say, “The first fall of snow is not only an event, it is a magical event”.

A white world

I knew our university has an inclement weather policy and so I started praying that the policy be brought in use so that I could go out and play in the snow instead of having to go to the class. I cannot and don’t want to even imagine sitting in class and discussing case studies when nature is at work and putting up a great show outside. I checked my Blackberry but there was no mail for classes being cancelled. I clicked some pictures of the view outside from the warmth of my house and got back to the readings due for the class. All my flat-mates had classes in the morning and they left for college.

Hours passed, and the snow had still not ceased, continuing to cover up the dull lifeless colors left behind after fall. With no hopes left, I got ready to catch the shuttle to college and suddenly the light of my Blackberry flashed. I crossed my fingers and opened the mail which said that the school would close at 12:30 PM and the classes for the remaining part of the day would be cancelled. I was filled with joy and called up my flat-mate, to return home so that we could go to the lake nearby, which had been frozen since past one week.

So, we ventured out in the magical white world, to explore and capture the beauty nature was showering upon the earth. The streets were all covered with snow. Life had come to a standstill but for one or two cars with people in them, moving at a snail’s pace, reluctant to trample the white wonder under their feet. A few people were busy shoveling the snow and sprinkling salt on the sidewalks, to allow and motivate people to come out of their houses and enjoy the show.

We entered the white forest, with trees all white, all lined up adjacent to the white lake, on which some white seagulls were sitting motionless, their heads turned inwards and eyes glowing wide. I tried to capture the essence of the imagery, together with the magic and the mystery with my camera, but could not capture the spirit, the feeling the whole atmosphere had generated.

We managed to make a pair of somewhat round, white and lifeless beings out of the white treasure, using dried up flowers for eyes, our woolen caps protecting the being’s head, and some dried up twigs for their hands, with our gloves hanging onto the ends. We managed to make 2 mini-snow men, for the snow was pretty less and we had no tools to accumulate and carry the snow to build the works of art.

Mini - snowman

God was still showering the white flakes and we decided to return, to enjoy the weather with some hot tea and spicy food. At home, from within the comforts that provide warmth, we kept on gazing out the window, mesmerized by the whole experience.

Well, our classes got cancelled the next day too, but the ephemeral magic of the floating snow flakes had ended, in a short day, and all that was left was a bright-white world.