Memories from International Night

February 28th, 2010 by under Events, General. No Comments.

The International Week culminated with the International Night and Food Festival on February 25. However, the sights, sounds, and savors from the event still seem to linger around and tend to take me back repeatedly to the awesome night.

There was food from more than 12 countries and the passport-the ticket to the gala event, allowed the holder to visit the stall and absorb the offerings from 6 countries. Each table had a unique character, not just in terms of the food and setup but also for the students staffing the table, students who adorned their traditional attires, putting up their best to ensure that the guests left with sweet memories and came back for more.

A fashion show followed the wining and dining. Students from all parts of the globe displayed their traditional ethnic attires, bringing in some element of fun at times, keeping the audience on their toes. The star-attraction of the fashion show was a super cute and adorable little girl, daughter of Tetsuya Morito-second year MBA, wearing a kimono!

Some awesome dance and song performances followed, the audience clapping and clamoring for more. Suddenly, a short-bald Asian man in his shorts and wearing boxing gloves climbed up the stage. He introduced himself as a master of Muay Thai – Thai Kick Boxing. He choreographed some scenes from the fight with help from his students. In addition, he allowed some volunteers from the audience to come on stage and try their hand (legs actually) while he held the protective cushion. The winner was the 5-year-old son of Feras Hameedadd-a first year MBA, who got the master on his knees with just one kick!

The grand finale of the event was the Chinese Lion Dance that heightened the tempo of the place and Van Munching Hall was echoing with the beats of drums, the audience adding on to the excitement by their non-stop clapping and shouting.

The evening was truly a journey across cultures. In that brief period, the atrium of the Van Munching Hall was no less than an absolute representation of the globe, with people from every corner, however remote it may be, coming together under a common roof, demonstrating their pride and yet humbly sharing their values with the entire community. I believe that evening will always remind me of these two wonderful years at school and will remain an important milestone in my journey of life.