A second "mini" winter break!

February 14th, 2010 by under General. No Comments.

Blame it on the global climate change or whatever but the weather on the east coast has recently been acting crazy. There have been two major snowstorms within a week, and life has come to a standstill, literally. Thanks to the more than 55 inches of record-breaking snow the state has witnessed, the houses have seen their residents cuddling up in front of television sets for every single day for the past more than one week.

The state of Maryland has witnessed the highest snow in its history. The storm warnings left the people running for stocking supplies and many of the major stores such as Costco, Giant, and Safeway, all ran out of the necessary commodities such as milk and bread, the day before the storm was to hit the state. People got restless and tempers soared at some places.  The storm in way managed to wreak havoc both outside, weather and traffic wise and inside, peace wise.

The more than three feet of snow left thousands without power and heat for hours, and some even for days. The governor had declared a state emergency. The conditions were so bad that even the vehicles clearing up the major roads and highways were called off for the driver’s safety.

That I love snow is one thing, but being snowed in for days at a stretch without being able to even go out is something I am not very fond of.  Each day I waited for information on the status of the school for the next day, and ended up receiving the same news. The school ended up being closed for the entire week, making it a second mini winter break for us.

Initially, I felt very good about the school being closed, but then being inside the house, for so many days was getting on my nerves. There was a lot that I could have done, given that there was no school, yet I felt so lazy that I ended up doing nothing. I did go out to play in the snow, but the excitement died out soon. All I did over the week were sleep, eat, watch movies and sleep some more.

Now that the storm has passed, and the sun has come out, I am really looking forward to attending school this coming Monday. We will have to make up for the classes that were canceled over the past week, given the extreme conditions, by going to school over the next few weekends. However, having stayed at home over the forced second break, I will be happy to go to school, which as such will soon get over and I will be left with precious memories of all that I did and all that happened to me over these two awesome years.