Job search and placements 2009

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It is almost the end of the third semester and I am nearing the end of my MBA. Studies have been taking away most of my time but just like my classmates, I’ve been juggling around trying to keep up with the work, the job search and spending some time with friends.

I have been spending considerable time on searching and applying for jobs but the interviews have been hard to come by.  Recruitment seems to have come to a standstill, and the news of the unemployment figures has been even more depressing. The stock markets are still volatile and even though some of the financial figures reported by some companies sound rosy, with many firms posting profits for the first time since the recession began, some people still believe that the worst is not yet over, not yet.

There have not been many companies on campus this year. Most of the students are still struggling to get their first interview call. The worst part is that it is the same across campuses in the U.S.  I have visited 3 career fairs this fall – the Asian MBA conference in New York, the Black MBA conference in New Orleans, Louisiana and the Hispanic MBA conference in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The situation at all the fairs was not very encouraging, although the Black MBA conference saw the most companies putting up stalls at the fair. However, most of the employers did not have a clear picture about the recruiting this year and wanted us to check on their websites sometime in January. Yeah, that is a big relief.  Anyways, I did make some good friends at these fairs and got to see some places that I may not have otherwise visited. I also had some good conversations with some of the recruiters. It has been a good experience overall.

Recently, the Office of Career Services released the recruitment statistics on the MBA class of 2009, and I was a bit surprised, especially because it did not look as grim as I thought it would be. BusinessWeek too recently published some statistics on best and worst MBA recruitments across the schools in the U.S. I was amazed to find that our school figured amongst the schools with relatively higher employment figures after 3 months of graduation.

The complete list can be found here – “Business Schools: Best & Worst MBA Job Placement

At number 6, the Smith School of Business had around 13% of the students without a job offer 3 months post graduation with a median starting salary of $85,000. The median salary was lower as compared to the other schools in the list, but that was in line with the historical figures for our school. So, I believe, our school did pretty well, given the dismal economic  conditions.

I would have expected lower figures but guess things may have improved a bit. There has not been much change in the economy as such; still the markets seem to be improving. Employment typically lags the stock markets, so I am hoping that the job markets will improve too. I am starting to get worried, but am hoping that things will improve in Spring ’10. Fingers crossed!