Discovery Channel

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We traveled to the Discovery international headquarters where Tom Keaveny gave a presentation about his industry. He spoke to us about the television industry and the cultural differences amongst broadcasting in different countries. At Discovery, we learned about how certain countries do not all broadcast the same channels. The audiences differ greatly between different countries; an example would be that the channel, TLC, is aired in America, but is not broadcasted in many asian countries. Also, in some nations, Discovery cannot broadcast certain programs such as the Whale Hunters program in Japan. For certain ethnic reasons, programs may be offensive in that country and are therefore not aired. Discovery was a great visit because it demonstrated the different barriers and ethnic understandings that it needed to adapt to in order for the company to succeed.

Student Quotes:

“I thought Mr. Keaveny was one of the most entertaining and smart speakers I have ever met! Although he was funny and enteratining, he knew so much about this industry and it was great to ask questions. His answers were funny, to the point, and really insightful.”

“The Discovery talk was one of the best of the trips. I didn’t realize how interesting learning about the Discovery Network could be until this visit. The amount of channels and logistical issues they have to deal with is daunting. However, Discovery continues to deliver top-notch shows that appeal to all cultures. On a side note, I thought the speaker was hilarious, but his answers were always insightful. It was really cool to hear him talk about show types and how people’s preferences constantly change.”