Exxon Mobil Corporation

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Despite not having a drop of oil as a natural resource, a large portion of Singapore’s GDP is affected by oil. ExxonMobil has investedS$4 billion in the world’s largest oil refinery and cracker plant on Singapore’s Jurong island. The island is made of reclaimed land and is mostly inhabited by petrochemical industries. The highlight of the visit was a bus tour through the facility, in which we were able to see the crackers and refinery machines. During the presentation, we discussed future energy and new technologies that will allow petrol companies to reach oil pockets that were formerly unreachable.

Student Quotes:

“The Exxon plant was awesome! Learning about their operations from some of their top executives was truly something special. It is fascinating to learn about all of the different things that are going on at one time when operating such a large facility.”

“The tour of the Exxon plant as one of my favorite visits of the trip. Seeing the sheer size of the plant was something I have never seen before. It was cool to actually see the buildings and be able to identify them and know what role they played in the industrial process.”