Marina Bay Sands

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One of Singapore’s two Integrated Resorts, Marina Bay Sands famously stands along the coast as one of the signature buildings in Singapore. For our trip to Marina Bay Sands, everyone got a behind the scenes look at the hotel, the casino, and the Infinity pool. This was followed by a presentation by MBS representatives.
The presentation focused a lot on the casino. It was interesting to see how they try to build relationships with the gamblers there and to create a point reward system. Also it was surprising to learn that Singapore could overtake Las Vegas in gambling revenue in the next 10-15 years. The biggest game at MBS is baccarat, and they have baccarat tournaments that create a lot of revenue. It seems as if the $100 charge for Singaporeans to get into the casino doesn’t really hurt business much. Singapore charges its citizens $100 to go to simply enter a casino, so it is interesting that Singapore will be able to overtake Las Vegas because they don’t even want their own citizens gambling.

Student Quotes:
“Marina Bay Sands was, in my opinion, the best visit of the trip. THe amount of different things that we were able to see was incredible. Being hosted by so many executives was amazing and I am truly honored that I was afforded this opportunity. I thought the presentation and the enthusiasm the professionals had toward the industry was impressive.”

“Marina Bay Sands is an incredible structure and it was awesome to get an inside glimpse of what goes on behind the scenes. This one of the most impressive hotel/casino/resorts that I have ever seen. Words can’t describe how happy I was with this visit today!”