Singapore Airlines

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Singapore Airlines is an airline that operates out of the Changi Airport. It has been profitable for every year and is in the top fifteen carriers in terms of revenue passenger kilometers. It started as a small hub in a small country, but is now one of the premier airlines. They are able to be successful because of their three pillars: service excellence, product leadership, and network connectivity. Some of the ways they back up these pillars are by being the first to adopt new planes, cycling their planes every 5-6 years instead of 20-30 years like some other airlines, and by having an inexpensive flight option through their low-cost carrier “Scoot”. In addition, they offer 5 star quality planes and service. During our tour, we got to walk through their planes used for training, and they were absolutely incredible. Another important means to their success is in their location. They can offer connecting flights to the Americas, Asia, and Australia in one stop.

Student Quotes:

“The visit to Singapore Airlines was very interesting because I flew Emirates to get to Singapore. I was not familiar with 5-star airlines before this trip so the presentation really opened my eyes to how each airline is competing. Singapore Airlines is a very impressive firm as they continue to make money in an industry that consistently struggles.”

“I thoroughly enjoyed learning about Singapore Airlines and I definitely want to fly them at some point in the future. The presenter was extremely informative and I found the presentation to be comprehensive and well done.”