Universal Studios Singapore

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Brief explanation:

Universal Studios Singapore is a theme park located in Resorts World Sentosa. It is the second Universal Studios theme park to open in Asia and has attracted millions of visitors since its opening in 2011. The company brings a unique entertainment experience to visitors by providing rides located in themed zones, designed to remind audiences of their favorite movies. These zones include Hollywood, New York, Sci-Fi City, Ancient Egypt, Lost World, Far Far and Away, and Madagascar.

Key Takeaways:
For our visit, we were taken on a tour around the theme park. Our host was one of the leading executives at the company. He explained that Universal Studios is owned by a separate company called Resort World. Our host was extremely knowledgeable and explained how the park operates and attracts customers. We learned that the placement of ride attractions is a key technique used to make money. For example, the water rides are located toward the back of the park. Near the end of the day customers will become overheated and tired. As customers make their way farther into the park, they will be more likely to want to refresh themselves and enter the water park area. Thus, Universal Studios makes more money from its placement of attractions. Creating an entertaining atmosphere for guests is another marketplace tool used to attract customers. Universal Studios accomplishes this goal by creating separate worlds modeled off of the settings featured in its movies. Take the Mummy zone for instance, which is constructed with temples and statues of pharaohs. It contains music and food similar to that witnessed in the Middle East, all with the goal of attracting guests into the park. In addition, guests are entertained with street performers as they travel throughout the park. All of these tactics are done with the intention of creating a “one of a kind” experience for their customer so that they will return to the park again and again. By the end of the trip, we had been given an inside look into theme park operations and were now trained in the tactics the company uses to gain loyal customers and increase profits.

Key quotes:

  • “I thought the tour of universal studios was very cool as I have never gotten a behind the scenes look at the operations of a theme park. The amount of detail that went into this park is impressive. I thought our host was extremely knowledgeable and allowed me to really understand the thought and considerations that go into running a theme park.”
  • “Universal Studios was awesome and the Transformers ride was great! I really enjoyed hearing about the park from an executive that knew so much information.”