SYSTEM ALERT: Complete outage of ALL Smith IT services (except Smoogle) on Saturday May 30th, 9pm – 5am

To: Smith Community
From: Office of Smith IT

This is a notice to advise you of the upcoming complete Server Maintenance Outage that will occur at 9pm EST Saturday, May 30th and last until 5am Sunday, May 31st. During this outage ALL of Smith IT services will be offline. Only Smoogle will be available via Campus Facilities are upgrading the electric circuits that service the Smith IT Data Center as well as data closets throughout the building. This will necessitate shutting down all servers and services hosted in the Smith IT Data Center.

The following are some of the major services that will be effected during the outage:

Smith Apps
Lab/Classroom PCs
Active Directory File Server (K and O Drives)
Application Databases that run from Lotus Domino
vSmith virtual desktops
Research Servers hosted in the Smith Data Center

DOIT Microsoft SQL server

DOIT Linux Server



Please direct any questions to the Office of Smith IT Service Desk at or 301-405-2269.

We apologize for any inconvenience that the outage may cause.

Office of Smith IT

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