AWS failure affects many services on the East Coast

Canvas/ELMs, Panopto, Qualtrics and a great deal more (Netflix, Adobe, Reddit included) were taken offline when Amazon Web Services (AWS) failed on much of the east coast this afternoon.  Here’s an article in Computerworld about it already.  Most of the apps we use are back finally, but the outage of several hours in the middle of a school day was very disruptive.  Workarounds are being investigated in case anything like this ever happens again.  Here’s Instructure’s statement about that (from

On our side, our DevOps team has moved on to other ideas about how to get from a “service disruption” state to a “degraded performance” state in Canvas. We are also discussing the plans for addressing similar circumstances in the future, though our options are limited due to the perniciousness of this incident; but we are considering all options at this time.
Feb 28, 13:45 MST


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