Panopto Silverlight issues with new Chrome v.42

Panopto users who upgrade to Chrome version 42 will receive error messages when attempting to upload media, load the Panopto editor, or view legacy sessions.   The new version of Chrome prompts users to install Silverlight, even if Silverlight is already installed on the computer because the NPAPI plug-ins are turned off by default.  Please see the Panopto support article for instructions to re-enable NPAPI plug-ins on Windows OC computers:
Classroom computers will be set up to work without issue when upgraded to Chrome version 42, so this notice is only important for use on your own computer.   On the good news front, current versions of Panopto have transitioned from Silverlight to HTML 5 and Flash for uploading and editing, so when DivIT gets the campus Panopto server up to date, this will no longer be an issue.  Until then, either use a different browser or complete these recommended settings for Silverlight in Chrome 42.

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