K Drive Changes: Important Information for Returning Masters Students

Smith IT has been busy this summer making changes that will affect how you access your files and programs.  Unless you get this info you might not be able to find your files, but there are some major benefits to the changes we’ve made.


Here is a quick summary of the biggest changes, with detail at the page linked below.

* Novell has been retired for students, and your files migrated to a different server.  The benefit is you now get 5GB of disk quota on your K drive (5x before!) and use your University Directory account to log in instead of the Smith account.

* MyUM / MySmith Remote Applications has been migrated to a new Citrix system accessible at a new URL.  The benefit is that the new system doesn’t rely on the (often unstable) MyUM, now uses only the University Directory for access, and is available in more browsers and on more devices (iPhones / iPads / native Mac and Windows clients).

These changes trickle down in to other changes about resetting passwords and lab printing, so we really want you to look at our pages to get the full story.

Please check this webpage http://www.rhsmith.umd.edu/smithit/new_2011/index.aspx for information about these changes.

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