Critical Change to Campus Login – December 4

Faculty, TAs, and GAs:
A recent announcement from the university’s Division of IT requires that you enroll in multi-factor authentication (MFA) by December 4. 
Please don’t delay as this will impact your ability to login to campus systems. This applies to all faculty members (including GAs) and campus leaders (including deans, directors, department heads, and above) when logging into systems that use the university’s Central Authentication Service (CAS).
3 things you need to know about MFA
  • Multi-factor authentication will change the way you login to campus systems. You must have a registered device such as mobile phone or tablethardware token, or one-time use codes, in your possession at the time of login. You will be required to enter a 9-digit code each time you login to a campus system.
  • Multi-factor authentication adds a layer of security because hackers will need more than just a password to use your accounts. This is necessary to improve the security of data and identity.
  • Multi-factor authentication applies to your individual account. Only you will be able to login to your account since only you will possess your device, hardware token, or one-time use codes, required to verify your identity at the time of each login.
3 things you need to do
  • Don’t delay! Enroll and register a device, your mobile phone or tablet, as your primary MFA method. This will be the primary device for the Duo MFA application to send unique codes. You may choose to use a hardware token in lieu of a mobile phone.
  • Add another device, such as a hardware token, as your backup MFA method. A hardware token is a small key fob device that is used to generate unique codes at the press of a button. Hardware tokens can be purchased from the Terrapin Technology store for $20.
  • Print One Time Use (ByPass) codes. These are nine (9)-digit codes that you can use to authenticate into systems using Duo MFA when a primary/secondary device, such as a phone or hardware token, is unavailable. Keep your bypass codes in a secure place that only you have access to. Bypass codes are available for one-time use only and will expire after 180 days.
Next Steps
Go to: today or stop by the Office of Smith IT for assistance. Bring your mobile phone and/or tablet and we can help you get set up. You can also send us an email via to arrange a time. 
Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns.
The Office of Smith IT

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