Panopto server upgrade

The upgrade to the campus Panopto service went smoothly.  We’ve tested and found everything to be working well.  If you use the Panopto recorder on your personal computer, the only thing you should need to change is the server address.  Here’s a copy of the announcement we sent for details about doing that if you have not already:

On March 16th, 2016, the university will move to a new, cloud version of Panopto.  We hope that this move should relieve the slow and frozen uploading queues some of you have experienced in past semesters,  It should also make new Panopto features available to us faster and increase stability.  The upgrade will occur between 5:00pm and 10:00pm and existing recordings will not be available for viewing at that time.  All recordings made prior to this date will be migrated and will continue to be accessible via ELMS when the upgrade is complete. New recordings should not be created during this time.Classrooms in VMH will be updated overnight on the 16th so nothing should look different there at all. But:

If you’re using your own computer to make recordings, you will need to change the server address settings prior to making recordings after 10:00pm on March 16. 

Directions for changing this setting: 

  1. Open your Panopto Recorder
  2.  Log off if it shows you’re logged in
  3. Click “Log In” and change the server address to
  4. “Provider” = UMD ELMs (NOT Panopto)
  5. Login to the ELMs screen that pops up.  DO NOT attempt to log in in the blanks under the server URL – log into the ELMs login box that pops up. **If you check the “Save login and Password” checkbox in this screen so the recorder will take you right to the new Panopto server in the future.

Of course, if you bring your laptop to the Service Desk, 3520 VMH, the technicians there can assist you with this update.We hope you’ll all enjoy improved features and performance with this upgrade!

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