Adding TAs to Canvas Course

Adding any users to term-based Canvas course spaces continues to be strictly regulated by the campus Registrar to protect student privacy. TAs, Instructors and Students must all be added via the SIS (Student Information System) data feed.  Mike Sparrow, can add TAs and Instructors for the Business School.  The Registrar’s office adds Students when they register. All of these changes take 24-48 hours to show up in your course.

SmithIT can add Course Builders or Observers who have Directory ID logins.  The Instructor can email the course ID, and the Directory login name of the Course Builder or Observer and we can provide almost instant access for these roles.

Non-term based course spaces are managed by the Leader/Instructor of the space.  Since they have no students enrolled, adding and removing users is completely up to the owner of the space.  Once added by the Instructor these participants will receive an invitation and may opt to join the course.

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