Faculty can also publish syllabi in Testudo now

Exciting news from the Dean’s office this week:

Dear Smith School faculty,

 Thanks to a new initiative from the Provost’s Office, UMD students now have the option to view course syllabi from across the University via Testudo. However, they are only able to view course syllabi via Testudo if the instructors have linked the syllabi to Testudo. We encourage all of you to take a few minutes to link your Fall 2017 syllabi to Testudo so that students choosing among courses can learn about yours. The syllabi remain your intellectual property, and all users must log in with their Directory ID to view these syllabi.  

Note: this new syllabus repository in Testudo is distinct from Canvas. The syllabus you post to Canvas is your official syllabus. What you link to the Testudo repository is an unofficial syllabus, and could consist of simply an outline of your course beyond Testudo’s very brief course description.

Here’s how to link your syllabus to Testudo:

  1. Click on this link to the ELMS Management Tool.
  2. Select “Publish Course Syllabus” on the left.
  3. Select a term and course.
  4. Upload a syllabus PDF file with the “Select Syllabus” button on the right.

Many thanks for taking a moment to add your Fall 2017 syllabi to this new Testudo Syllabus repository. Smith School students tell us they are eager to learn more about courses before enrolling in them, and this will be a terrific resource for faculty to view syllabi posted by other instructors. 

If you are curious to see how this will appear to students in Testudo, see the screen shot below. The links to any posted syllabi appear in the upper right-hand corner of the Testudo course description under the words “Syllabus Repository.”


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