Introducing vSmith, the new virtual application delivery platform

The Office of Smith IT is pleased and excited to announce the official launch of vSmith after piloting for several months among various sections of our community.

vSmith is a virtual application platform, similar to SmithApps, that allows us to also provide full virtual desktops containing the standard applications that both students and faculty/staff use.

Here are some other platform improvements:

  • vSmith can accommodate many more users at once.
  • More resources are dedicated to each session to provide an even better user experience than SmithApps.
  • Integration of TerpDrives allows you to save your work directly to Google (Smoogle) Drive, your UMD Box account, Dropbox, or Skydrive accounts, as well as your individual Smith K:\ drive and departmental O:\ drive.
Applications currently available in Smith Apps are also available in vSmith. New applications will be made available in vSmith, only. We strongly encourage you to check out our new virtual application platform and would appreciate any feedback you might have.


To get started, visit the Workspace portal at, sign in with your University Directory ID and select the application or desktop that you would like to try. When you are prompted to install the VMware Horizon View application (for Mac or PC), accepting all the defaults. If you do not install the client when prompted,  you can later find download links and instructions here.


For assistance with vSmith, email us at, call 301-405-2269, stop by our Office located in 3520 VMH or see the vSmith website at


Thank you.


Office of Smith IT

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