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Watch videos of ELI 2011 presentations

Presentations by Educators from Harvard, Georgetown, Carnegie Mellon, Rice and many others.

FERPA and Social Media: Common Sense Guidelines

FERPA and Social Media: Common Sense Guidelines.

Lecture or desktop capture made easy with Panopto

Panopto is a lecture capture tool being installed in classrooms across campus.  It produces more than just a recording of a lecture – it creates an index and thumbnails during your lecture that viewers can use to navigate to the specific content they want to review.  It will capture any combination of audio, video, Powerpoints and/or computer screen, and you can also attach .pdf files.   Currently, rooms 1524 and 1528 and 2511 in VMH are equipped to capture video and audio using Panopto.  1333 will be ready soon. If the tool is well received by faculty and presenters, we will work to equip more spaces in VMH.

Panopto can also be installed on personal computers and used with a webcam or a microphone to capture your lecture, your desktop and your Powerpoint slides with one click and deliver that presentation as a URL within minutes.  You control when to release the recording and who has access.  Access controls are integrated with Blackboard, so a user list for your students is automated, and while it can be limited to those in your class it doesn’t have to be limited.  You can add viewers with any email address.

Presentations may be streamed live, but unlike Wimba, this is a one presenter at a time tool, and collaborative features for live viewers are limited to text chats.

There are 4 simple steps to get started.  There is additional documentation along with screenshots, examples of a recording and links to downloads for Windows and Mac computers in the How to Blackboard demo course in Blackboard under “How to Panopto.”

Look for an email about demo sessions beginning November 22.  If you have any questions before the demo sessions, please contact the Instructional Technology team in SmithIT at  Alice, Theresa and Mary will all be glad to set up a time to work with you.

Office of Smith IT
Instructional Techology Team

DreamSpark apps

Students can get FREE Microsoft Software

Microsoft makes some software available to students free from this website:

You will need a account and they will verify that you are a student when you use your email address to register.   Software available is Visual Studio, SQL Server Developer, Visual Basic, Expression Studio and more than we can list here.  Training links are on the site too.  Check it out!

DreamSpark apps

Need to add a TA to your Blackboard course?

If Teaching Assistants, Instructors, and Course Managers do not yet appear in UMEG, they will not be able to see the Blackboard courses they’re assigned to either. If this is the case, the Scheduling Officer in the college must add them to SIS. Our Scheduling Officer is Mike Sparrow in room 1306. Smith faculty can email these requests to ‘’  To add a TA to your course, scheduling@ will need:

  • the name of the student
  • their 9 digit UMID#
  • your course number
  • list of sections they’ll TA

More on adding TAs and other users to Blackboard.

Campus OIT reports new support for ELMs

In an announcement emailed to all instructors last week, OIT reported changes to the way they support ELMs. NOTE: Smith IT is NOT CHANGING the support provided by for Smith Faculty. If you email bbhelp or call Smith IT, our Academic Technology staff – Alice, Theresa and Mary – will still help you.   However, anyone, including Smith faculty and students, are welcome to contact the numbers provided by OIT and reach their call center.   bbhelp@rhsmith… and the Office of Smith IT have no link to the OIT calls, so if you wish us to know something or to help further, please contact us directly at 301-405-2269 or by emailing

The central campus OIT call center numbers:

* Faculty call: 301-405-1500; then select option 4 (ELMS support)
* Students call: 301-405-1400; then select option 4 (ELMS support)

One more change was announced for mid December when you will see a new “Support” tab when you log into Blackboard.  It will combine the “Help” and “FAQs” tabs you see now and provide a link to a live chat support person.

Their complete email on this pilot:

Beginning in December, OIT will pilot a new 24/7 support service for ELMS.  In addition, we will provide an expanded set of support options available on a new “Support” tab, at  Please see below, for details.


On December 8, 2010, UMD faculty, students, and staff will be able to call the OIT Help Desk, at any time of the day or evening, and speak to someone who will assist them with ELMS.  ELMS support includes ELMS and Wimba Live Classroom.

You will no longer need to e-mail questions to  You may just call the Help Desk directly, to speak with a support person:

* Faculty call: 301-405-1500; then select option 4 (ELMS support)
* Students call: 301-405-1400; then select option 4 (ELMS support)

On December 17, 2010, you will see an addition to the ELMS website (  A new “Support” tab will be available, under which you will see a full array of support options:

* an extended set of ELMS how-to materials
* a live support chat environment
* a link to submit your questions via text

For questions regarding non-ELMS related OIT supported tools, please email or submit a question through the OIT IT Service Center at To request assistance via the IT Service Center site, please log in with your Directory ID and password.

You will also see that the “Faculty Resources” and “Student Resources” tab labels have been shortened to “Faculty” and “Students.” The “FAQ” and “Help” tab information will now be accessible from the “Support” tab.

Sincerely, the OIT Learning Technologies Staff

Campus faculty talk about use of technology in teaching

Faculty technology showcase:

Wimba Virtual Classroom, Faculty tips

This was an excellent presentation by Dr. Ronald Yaros, College of Journalism.  He shared his Wimba teaching tips, tricks and best practices.  If you have trouble with the link, go to it at

How to Blackboard Workshops for Instructors

Workshops next week include – Getting Started with Blackboard, Wimba Live Classroom, Collaboration in Blackboard, Testing in Blackboard, Wikis and Clickers. Sign up at

The Office of Information Technology’s Learning Technology Institute will
conduct a series of FREE workshops for the university instructional
community this month.

Workshops range from 1.5 to 3 hours on a variety of topics including
managing assessments, grades, content, and communication/collaboration in
ELMS (powered by Blackboard). Also, workshops on using clickers, Wimba Live
Classroom, iTunesU and wikis as teaching tools, as well as creating narrated
media presentations with Jing, Audacity or Camtasia will be provided.

See for workshop dates. Review workshop
descriptions and register at the Training@Maryland site by following the
Course Catalog and OIT Learning Technology Institute links at  Contact the LTI coordinator at
with questions or concerns.

Wimba Upgrade on Wednesday, August 11

OIT will be upgrading to Wimba version 6.1 in ELMS (powered by Blackboard) on Wednesday, August 11. During the upgrade, Wimba tools will still be available. No action is required by users.

This upgrade will introduce several new enhancements including an archive reminder, a chime for participant “Hand Raise,” increased video device support, and support for more browsers.

For more information about Wimba 6.1, please contact Learning Technologies at or visit

OIT Learning Technologies