Lecture or desktop capture made easy with Panopto

Panopto is a lecture capture tool being installed in classrooms across campus.  It produces more than just a recording of a lecture – it creates an index and thumbnails during your lecture that viewers can use to navigate to the specific content they want to review.  It will capture any combination of audio, video, Powerpoints and/or computer screen, and you can also attach .pdf files.   Currently, rooms 1524 and 1528 and 2511 in VMH are equipped to capture video and audio using Panopto.  1333 will be ready soon. If the tool is well received by faculty and presenters, we will work to equip more spaces in VMH.

Panopto can also be installed on personal computers and used with a webcam or a microphone to capture your lecture, your desktop and your Powerpoint slides with one click and deliver that presentation as a URL within minutes.  You control when to release the recording and who has access.  Access controls are integrated with Blackboard, so a user list for your students is automated, and while it can be limited to those in your class it doesn’t have to be limited.  You can add viewers with any email address.

Presentations may be streamed live, but unlike Wimba, this is a one presenter at a time tool, and collaborative features for live viewers are limited to text chats.

There are 4 simple steps to get started.  There is additional documentation along with screenshots, examples of a recording and links to downloads for Windows and Mac computers in the How to Blackboard demo course in Blackboard under “How to Panopto.”

Look for an email about demo sessions beginning November 22.  If you have any questions before the demo sessions, please contact the Instructional Technology team in SmithIT at bbhelp@rhsmith.umd.edu.  Alice, Theresa and Mary will all be glad to set up a time to work with you.

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Instructional Techology Team

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