Important Canvas changes

Two noticeable changes to Canvas this summer:
Draft State
As we mentioned in May, there is new functionality in Canvas called Draft State which changes the way a lot of your pages look.  It is active in all courses now and is not optional any longer.  Draft State allows individual content in Modules, Pages, Assignments, Quizzes and Discussions to exist in an unpublished (draft) state if you choose to make it invisible to students for a time.  Here is a 4 minute overview:
More details on how to use the new Draft State:
Notice that Draft state may affect the way you set up your home page:
Those of you who set your course home page to one you design yourself will notice a change in how to set that now.  Details on how this has changed:
Conversations (Inbox)
You’ll notice that the Conversations Tool changed over the summer too.  The new inbox had been an opt-in feature in the Spring, but is now live for all.  A lot of you will be happy to see that you can add a subject to the messages you send now. You may also find it easier to sort and filter messages in your inbox now too.  More about using the Inbox this new way:

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