SYSTEM ALERT: Monthly Server Maintenance Outage – Friday November 13th 2AM – 7AM EST

To: Smith Community
From: Office of Smith IT

This is a notice to advise you of the upcoming Server Maintenance Outage that will occur at 2am EST Friday, November 13th and last until 7am Friday, November 13th. During this outage many of the Smith servers will be getting patched with the latest Security and Critical Updates that Microsoft and various vendors have released. All Smith School services will be affected due to reboots that are required when the patches are installed. The Active Directory File Server, all Lotus servers and Smith Apps/Citrix servers will also be restarted.

The following services will be effected during the outage:

vSmith Apps & Desktops
Lab/Classroom PCs
Active Directory File Server (K and O Drives)
Application Databases that run from Lotus Domino
vSmith virtual desktops &

DOIT Microsoft SQL server

DOIT Linux Server



Please direct any questions to the Office of Smith IT Service Desk at or 301-405-2269.

We apologize for any inconvenience that the outage may cause.

Office of Smith IT

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