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  • SECURITY NOTICE : Phishing

    Dear Smith Community,

    We have received a number of reports recently of people receiving email asking for user name and passwords to University and Smith systems. These email requests are called Phishing and generally have malicious intent. You should never give your user name or password to anyone. The Office of Smith IT will never ask for your user name or password. Furthermore, representatives from any institution - banks, utilities, etc. should never ask you for your user name or password to their systems.  If someone asks you for this information, be assured that it is illegitimate and should be treated as such.  Supplying your user name and password from an email request is akin to giving your wallet and car keys when asked for it to a stranger who claims to be a friend or family member. If you suspect a phishing attempt, forward it to (our email filtering system) and then delete the email.  

    If you were to ever respond to a Phishing email with your user name and password, mmediately change your password for that system and then call the appropriate customer support operation (i.e., for Smith systems: Office of Smith IT Help Desk).

    You can learn more about Phishing at:

    If you have any further questions in regards to Phishing please contact the Office of Smith IT helpdesk at 301-405-2269 or email