Career & Professional Development

My 4 Holiday Wishes to Help Make Your Career Dreams Come True.  At this magical time of year, dare to dream what you’ve never dreamed before. Dreams allow us to think “out of the box” – to transcend the normal borders of our imagination. Consider how you’ll start realizing your dream as you begin the New Year.

The 2 Best Times of Year to Apply for Jobs (And When to Avoid). The beginning of the year is a great time for getting hired. In fact it’s probably the best time to look for jobs all year in most industries. This is the time when the greatest number of decision-makers are in the office together, so you can get a “Yes” much faster and start that new job you want! Companies usually get their new hiring budgets for the year in January, and a lot of the hiring activity that was delayed in November and December can now move forward.

7 Counterintuitive Networking Hacks You Probably Aren’t Using. Networking doesn’t have to be painful. In fact, there are plenty of  things you can do to make developing valuable professional relationships a habit, not just when you need something. By building a mutually beneficial relationship, and you won’t feel (or seem) like an opportunist when the time does come for you to ask for help.  

10 Types of Interviews (and How to Ace Them). Interviews come in all shapes and sizes. Perhaps you’ll be asked to lunch, expected to solve a problem, or invited to a Skype interview. The interviewer wants to determine how quickly you can think on your feet, how you’ll approach a difficult situation, and how you can make progress in the face of a challenge.  

A Recruiter Shares The Best Way To Follow Up On A Job Application. However you enter into the application process with a company, submitting your application is not the end of your work. There are as many different ways to follow up as there are recruiters and companies. If you want to confidently follow up after a job application, the most important step you can take is to understand the company’s culture and align your actions accordingly.