Full-Time & Internship Reporting

Full-time Offer Reporting Directions for the FTMBA Class of 2018:

As you start to receive those full time offers from your internships, make sure to record them in SEDA,  mba-smith-maryland.12twenty.com. Remember to do your research in SEDA on salaries and bonuses for industries, functional areas, and companies.

Full-time Offer Reporting Directions for the FTMBA Class of 2019:

Over the next few weeks you will be hearing a lot about SEDA, which stands for “Smith Employment Data Analytics”. It is a web-based salary research tool that will make salary negotiation much more productive and efficient.  The University of Maryland, Robert H. Smith School of Business is one of the select schools where the product is being made available to students.  Overall

  • SalaryView module is where you will conduct research on our past class placement’s.
  • OfferView is where you will enter your placement data for submission to the MBA CSEA (MBA Career Services & Employer Alliance) The MBA CSEA brings together business school career services professionals and employers for networking, benchmarking, and learning to drive the future of the MBA employment industry. Part of their mission includes setting data reporting standards, as well as tracking and reporting placement statistics for business schools nationally and internationally.
  • InterView allows you to read what classes before you have shared about their specific interview experiences. After your interview, you can post specific details about your interview experience, to include questions, formats and insightgs. Similar to sample interview questions found at internet sites like glassdoor, such strategic “insider information” can then be used by future Smith Terps to get an inside look at companies and see actual interview questions as they prepare for interviews.

We strongly encourage using the SEDA to improve your ability to compete in this competitive job market.  In addition, your participation in this process plays a key role in the Smith School ranking’s each year.

How to get started:
Go to: mba-smith-maryland.12twenty.com 

  • Click on the “Get Started Today” button
  • Use your Smith email address

If you have any questions regarding the use of SEDA, please contact your career coach or email ocsservice@rhsmith.umd.edu.