Corporate Conversation Best Practices

Written by: Dolores Daly

On-Campus Corporate Conversations begin in earnest starting the week of September 10th.  Please see below for some tips on how to make these conversations as productive as possible.

Where do I find information about which companies are coming to campus and when?

All corporate conversations dates are listed in HireSmith, along with the room location and dress code.  Please dress according to the requested dress code or you may be refused entry to the event.  You MUST register to attend all corporate conversations on HireSmith.  Should you need to cancel, you must cancel 48 hours in advance, otherwise your name will appear as a no-show on the registration list, which is sent to the company.  If you forget to register for a corporate conversation, but want to attend, please come to the room 10 minutes prior to the event, dressed according to the dress code, and wait to see if there is space in the room to accommodate you.

You may also find upcoming corporate conversation information in the weekly MBAA newsletter.

What should I expect to learn at a corporate conversation?

Our on-campus recruiting partners come to Smith to meet our students, talk about their company’s structure, vision, and culture, and about the MBA level opportunities available to Smith students and the interview process. Often times the presenters are Smith alums and they look forward to coming back to campus, speaking about their personal experiences at their employer, and meeting current students. They are also here to identify top talent, so always conduct yourselves in a professional manner.

These conversations provide a great opportunity for current students to begin to develop relationships with our recruiting partners and alumni.  Even if a company is recruiting just for full-time positions, first year students are encouraged to attend these sessions and to begin to develop relationships with representatives from these companies.

What is expected of a Smith Student at a corporate conversation?

Smith students are expected to sign up in advance on HireSmith, attend the event or cancel 48 hours in advance, dress appropriately, wear their Smith name tag, come prepared with questions, and be ready to engage with our employer partners and alumni. Smith students are also expected to stay for the ENTIRE presentation, unless prior arrangements have been made with their coach, and to refrain from using their cell phone during the session.

Following the employer’s formal presentation, students will be encouraged to ask questions.  The Smith School requests that students handle the Q&A session in the following manner:

  • Once called upon, please stand when asking your question.
  • Please state your first and last name, as well as your year, before asking your question. In addition, the first couple of students asking questions should thank the employer for coming to campus before asking their question.
  • Once you ask your question you may sit down (you do not need to remain standing for the answer).

Final words of advice.

These conversations not only provide an opportunity for an employer to get to know a student, but also for a student to get to know an employer.  Please take advantage of these opportunities! And, remember, follow up (within 24 hours) with any alum you meet during one of these conversations to begin your relationship.

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