Greetings – Working Professionals

Patricia Reich, Assistant Dean and Executive Director, Office of Career Services


This past Friday, the entire OCS coaching team spent the day together:  those who coach undergraduates, FT MBAs, PT MBAs, OMBAs, EMBAs, and all of the specialty masters degree students. There were 18 of us all together, committed to a day of development that would take our coaching to a new level.

We began our day with a simple breathing exercise. With eyes closed, we sat still and breathed for three minutes straight, counting 5 counts in and 5 counts out. We so rarely take the time to be still. We were reminded that even three minutes of stillness can change the way in which we are present to the right here, right now.

We worked on listening, coaching one another through stories about the past, present, and future. We were reminded how powerful it is to be listened to.

We worked on appreciative inquiry, using “what” questions to help one another explore the dimensions of our ambitions and intentions. We were reminded that development is not necessarily linear, but instead multi-dimensional.

The theme that emerged (for me) was how critically important it is to have the space to grow. Space can mean taking the time. It can mean having the right support. It can mean simply allowing ourselves to explore what wants to happen next.  In partnership, coaches and clients together create that space for growth in ways that matter most to that individual at that time.

As a Smith student, you have unlimited access to a fabulous team of career coaches, whose entire job is to hold a space for you to grow. In coaching conversations, you can get clearer about what you want and the power you have to make it so. There is so much in your story about where you came from, what you’ve done, what intrigues you, excites you, inspires you.  All of your history and all of your hope creates an energy and what you choose to do with that energy shapes what you can create for yourselves, for your companies, for your communities, for our society, for our planet.


This holiday season, accept the gift of coaching – the gift of space to talk out what’s driving you, to listen for the call of your future, step-by-step, to find the way forward. As coaches, it is our privilege to hold that space for you, for in your growth lies our inspiration. Coaching is a gift that goes both ways.


By Erika Harrigan, Assistant Director, PT MBA Career Consultant


Congratulations to all of our working professionals who are graduating this month!  For those who are preparing for final examinations, papers, projects, and presentations, we wish you all the best. We also wish you happy holidays and look forward to seeing many of you in the new year!

Please note that career coaching is available throughout the winter session, so if your schedule is a bit  lighter, we welcome you to take some time to focus on your career development and reconnect with your career coach, or make your very first appointment if you haven’t done so as yet!  You can find your coach’s schedule of availability and reserve convenient date and time to meet on  While there, if you have an interest in consulting or analytics, feel free to sign up for the 3rd Annual Consulting and Finance Super Day which will be held at the DC campus in January.

Best wishes to all for a wonderful holiday season and a happy new year!