Recharging Your Job Search Over Spring Break

By Dolores Daly

Spring Break can be a great time to refocus your attention on your full-time or summer intern job search. You’ve just finished finals and are ready for a time of reflection, rejuvenation and recharging. Keep in mind, however, that Term D is just around the corner, and soon you’ll be back to your very busy MBA-student schedule. So, think about using some of your Spring Break time to recommit to your job search and conquer some of those items still lingering on your career search check-list. Here are six ways in which you can use part of your Spring Break to recharge your job search:

  1. Reconnect with employers / alumni you met earlier in the year: Use your free time to renew your corporate contacts from fall recruiting fairs, info sessions, and INTERVIEWS.  Sometimes employers don’t fill their summer internship programs, and the time after spring break is when they begin doing additional outreach. Be pro-active and reach out to those you met during the recruiting / interviewing process and communicate your continued interest in their company.  Ask if they have met their recruiting goals for their summer internship and if not, ask to be reconsidered. This is also the time to review your alumni connections made via treks, alumni mock interviews, informational interviews, and email / phone conversations. Now is the perfect time to send some emails, reestablish old connections and identify new contacts.  
  1. Reach out to contacts at small firms, start ups, or just-in-time employers: These types of firms often cannot make hiring projections 9-12 months out. So, most of their hiring for summer or full-time positions occurs 2-3 months ahead of the projected start date. If you’re interested in the start-up space, stop by the Dingman Center and check in with them. In addition, firms that rely on client work to determine their staffing needs (e.g. consulting firms and investment banks) may find that they are short-handed due to a new client engagement and are looking for last minute hires. Often, these positions are word of mouth. Keep informed of major client deals / engagements by reading / following on social media the companies on your target list. Then, reach out to your contacts at these companies and see if they need to staff-up due to these new client deals / engagements.
  1. Speak to faculty:  Often times, faculty will receive job postings / employment leads from former students or from business associates.  Make sure faculty in your area of interest are aware of your career goals, and your current employment status.
  1. Research companies/industries on your target list: Use this time to do some research on your target companies and read up on the industry. Identify major companies, their competitors, and their suppliers within your industry of choice.  Become familiar with the major news stories affecting your industry / companies of choice and learn the industry “lingo.” All of this prep work will come in handy when you have interviews.
  1. Attend MeetUp Groups or meetings of local professional associations.  These group meetings provide opportunities for you to socialize with like-minded individuals and establish new connections outside of your Smith network.  See the February 25th edition of #SmithHired for suggestions on local groups.
  1. Apply for Jobs: If you accumulated a backlog of jobs you’re interested in applying to, now is the time to do so!  In addition, continue to look daily at HireSmith, the job database google doc the Leadership Fellows and Coaches are populating, Smith MBA Job Database Spring 2018, aggregator sites like Indeed or Simply Hired, and social media outlets such as Twitter and LinkedIn. Remember, it’s always best to find a connection at these companies who can help “move your resume to the top of the pile.”
  1. Visit the Office of Career Services (OCS) – OCS will be open Wednesday – Friday of Spring Break week. We are ready to assist you with resume and cover letter reviews, networking strategy, interview preparation, etc.  In addition, our Employer Development team will be busy with the spring “smart outreach” campaign.

Please watch the video by second year MBA, Zane Adoum, who offers some of his tips, based on personal experience, for how to use Spring Break to recharge your job search.

Be fearless!

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