State of Play

By Patricia Reich 

This week marks my tenth week as a member of the Smith community and for many of you, there are only two weeks of on-campus time to go. Doors are sliding open in both directions. For those who are outgoing, Godspeed:  we celebrate the ways in which you have enriched us and raise a toast to your successes in life and livelihood.

Those of us remaining will continue to advance the OCS mission in service to career outcomes for Smith graduates and to the Smith brand. Here are the five front-edge initiatives we have committed to:

  1. Having proven the “Smart” OCS Employer Outreach concept, we are evaluating scaling operations that will allow us to use students’ target company lists to inform our business development strategy and grow our employer portfolio in a way that is most relevant to student interests.
  2. We are devising career development courses, designed to help already-successful professionals build next-level capacity as job candidates in the competitive MBA job market. A sequence of interactive and experiential seminars will allow incoming students to clarify career targets sooner and build more powerful career materials across media.
  3. We are attacking the ambiguities of job search by better defining the job market in terms of function and industry coordinates. Industry and Function Guides in PDF format, will enable students to evaluate MBA careers across several key industries and to drill down within MBA functions to understand better the roles that comprise them
  4. We are creating step-by-step career development guides that will roadmap the OCS resources, process, and progress markers for each degree program. Our goal is to have these ready for new students at orientation.
  5. As an overarching strategy and under the moniker “Great Jobs @ Graduation”, we are emphasizing the urgency of the MBA job search and accelerating student preparation. Next month, we are piloting an early-start summer series that will launch the new career course and ready incoming students to access the rolling MBA job market as early as September.

Enjoy all that summer has to offer. Stay fearless.