The First 90 Days: How can you make a fast impact in your first post-MBA job?

By Emily Giacomini

30 Days: People and Process

  • Set clear objectives and deadlines with your manager. Ask questions to understand his/her work style and communication preferences (Email or phone? Weekly or bi-weekly meetings?)
  • Follow your manager’s lead: ask for recommendations on key people to meet both internally and externally to the team.
  • Introduce yourself to your team through individual meetings to understand their roles and how your positions interface.
  • Determine your key contacts on cross-functional teams and request 1-1 time to learn about their roles- come with thoughtful questions.
  • Attend any Orientation meetings offered to quickly learn the organization and culture.
  • Ask questions early while you’re in the “grace period.”
  • Learn the systems and reporting methods you’ll use regularly.
  • Show up early to meetings and actively contribute ideas to advance the conversation.

60 Days: Project Progress and Participation

  • Check your project progress with your supervisor. Be sure to solicit feedback.
  • Be an active member of the team and share insights in department and team meetings.
  • Don’t get involved in office politics. Be friendly and stay focused on excellence in your work.
  • Track your results personally- keep an open document to record your achievements.
  • Fulfill any administrative duties to keep official records updated eg. Salesforce, tracking sheets.

90 Days: Performance

  • Verify you’re on track with your major projects and make adjustments if not so that you can meet all 90-day deadlines.
  • Present key 90-day results and show how you offered value.
  • Request input on strengths and opportunities.
  • Set new goals with manager for next 90 days.
  • Give yourself a pat on the back for a job well-started and keep up the momentum.

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