Resources For The Job Search

RESOURCES – Our partner, Ivy Exec Ivy, is the most exclusive online career network in the world with over 200,000 members in more than 150 countries, and over 52,000 premium international job listings. Experts screen each job and each professional for a community of the most qualified professionals in the world and the most sought after jobs globally. Among their specialties are executive jobs for MBAs.

If you’d like to join Ivy Exec’s select network, follow the link below to receive your complimentary trial of All-Access membership:

1. Go to
2. Use promotion code ALLACCESS3MTH

SPECIAL IVY EXEC PROMOTION FOR OUR SMITH MBAs: Everyone who registers to join Ivy Exec using the link above will receive access to a special webinar that discusses best practices for those interested in career transitions! This webinar entitled, Career Transition – The Difference Between the Burnout and the Need,” you can:
· Determine how to distinguish a mid-career “itch” from just being overworked;
· Learn a process for turning your burnout into a re-energized career;
· Discover if you need a career transition;
· Obtain the tools you need to begin uncovering where your true professional fulfillment lies.

The presenter, Kelly Studer, is a Career Stylist who coaches ambitious, career-minded professionals through the career transition process, as well as defines and develops their personal brands. Prior to starting her own business, Kelly held leadership positions for 7 years in recruiting departments at Google and, recruited and consulted at Sapient and Accenture, and even gave film producing in Hollywood a try for several years.

Financial Job Network – Since its launch in 1996, FJN has become the virtual meeting place for financial professionals seeking new career opportunities, both domestically (USA) and worldwide.  Our clients are Fortune 1000, multinational and executive recruiting companies seeking educated and experienced candidates like those from the UMD Robert H. Smith School of Business. A sample client list can be viewed online at  We invite students and alumni to visit our site and submit their confidential resume. Once in our database, candidates can use our one click apply feature to submit their resume to all FJN job listings. There are no fees for candidates.  We’ve established a long working relationship with top business schools.

We appreciate your assistance in helping us keep our email list effective and current. Please forward contacts that you feel would be the most direct route for us to take to reach your students, faculty, and alumni. Of course, they can contact us any time at, . – Jobjuice provides Business Reference and Job Interview Prep tools and is highly recommended.  Many students use Jobjuice as a handy, easy to access reference guide and to sharpen their interview skills.  The products are available in flashcard decks ($20) and iPhone and iPad Apps ($14.99).  The Office of Career Services has obtained a number of sample decks that are available for review with the coaches and a special 10% discount code (RHS-500) for students ordering decks at  Focus areas include Strategy/Consulting, Finance/Investment Banking and Marketing. Supply Chain focused students should order the Marketing deck or app.  Use Code RHS-500 (for RH Smith 10% discount) for decks when checking out at  About Jobjuice: “Jobjuice was founded by Wharton MBAs who while at Business School provided their fellow students with powerful reference and interview preparation tools. All the knowledge and experience of the recruiting process and the particular subject areas was distilled into a practical, highly efficient and easy to use format.” – Looking for additional access to unique MBA internship opportunities? If so, be sure to check out This great website touts itself as the largest listing site that focuses on connecting students with positions at top startup companies, non-profits, and other difficult to find opportunities with major companies such as CBS, Salesforce, and Sirius XM Radio. The site is flexible and easy to use — you can easily search different fields and locations, and apply to as many positions as you’d like without any registration required or any fee. To go directly to MBA opportunities, use the following link OCS encourages students to register (it’s free!) so that they can save their job searches and also post materials so that employers can reach out in those instances where they perceive good job/organization fit.

Simply – Looking for a more efficient and comprehensive way to conduct your on-line job seaches? If so, be sure to check out This great website aggregates job openings from employment websites such as, company sites, and newspapers. This website has also been touted in the popular media, including a recent issue of Time Magazine that addressed, “Where the jobs are.” Students are encouraged to expand their job search strategies by visiting this site.

MBA students and alumni look to move into the consulting field with companies like McKinsey, Bain, Boston Consulting Group, Accenture and others.  With this in mind, you might want to check out The Consulting Bench at:  www.consultingbench.comThe Consulting Bench provides an entirely free and confidential way for candidates to keep an eye on the consulting job market without the inevitable hassle of engaging with search firms and without committing too early to a single employer. -Tweetmyjobs is an exciting website designed to keep job seekers in-the-know regarding potential opportunities.  The site allows job seekers to connect with employers through daily updates via a twitter feed – or, if you don’t have twitter – through emails or personal RSS feeds.  Tweetmyjobs allows users to post resumes and custom profiles that become available to thousands of employers.  Take advantage of this real-time opportunity finder today!! – Glassdoor is a valuable job/company assessment tool.  This website allows job seekers to review companies, jobs, salaries, and interviews with ease.  Users can view testimonials from other job seekers and current employees regarding interview topics, overall satisfaction with companies, and much more.  As you search for job opportunities take a moment to see what others have said and use the information to your advantage as you go up against other qualified applicants.

QS Global Workplace – International job opportunities, recruiting trends, etc. Click here:

Blogs with Job Listings – Don’t miss out! In the past few years there have been some blogs that have started to integrate job banks into their websites. We encourage you to take a few minutes to check out Guy Kawasaki’s site for jobs and internships across a variety of occupations, including but not limited to executive & management, marketing & advertising, non-profit, and sales & business development. Learn more at   For those folks interested in web strategy and social media jobs, check out Web Strategy by Jeremiah Owyang – Accelerate your career by joining this online job search sites that will give you access to a variety of professional jobs and career development tools. Doostang is a “community of over 700,000 elite professionals with inside access to thousands of jobs from top employers.” – is a nonprofit organization matching students seeking career or academic advice with professionals nationwide.  Any college or graduate student can receive help during critical stages of their academic or career development. Get an insider’s view from someone with knowledge and experience.  Mentorships are Highly Flexible and Convenient.  Mentors can operate when and where they want, in-person, by phone, or online.