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End The Year With A Bang by Setting Yourself Up For Career Success!

Erika Harrigan, Assistant Director, PT MBA Career Consultant


In a few short weeks, the year 2017 will come to an end. Can you believe it?  Although we often focus on New Year’s resolutions in January, December is a great time to reflect upon where we are, celebrate our successes, and set ourselves up for future success so that we can end the year with a proverbial bang.

What career goals did you set for yourself in 2017?  What steps have you taken to accomplish them? What have been your greatest accomplishments?  Have you taken a moment to celebrate and document those accomplishments?

If you don’t have much to speak of at the moment, or if you are too focused on balancing the demands of work, school, life, and the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, know that you are not alone.  Your coaches are here to support you.

This week, we encourage you to consider what small steps you can take to set yourself up for success before the new year begins.  Here are 10 ideas in no particular order.

  1. Reflect upon your 2017 career achievements and add them to your resume. (15 to 30 minutes)
  1. Schedule an end-of-year check-in with your career coach on HireSmith.net (2 to 3 minutes; a few minutes longer if you have not already set up your HireSmith account.)
  1. Email your career coach to request access to the OCS Be Fearless Career Course on Canvas if you are not already enrolled. (1 minute)
  1. View the recording of Be Fearless Webinar #1, #2, or #3 on Canvas. (45 minutes per webinar)
  1. Complete the associated Be Fearless webinar deliverables. (times vary)
  1. Reconnect with at least two contacts you haven’t spoken to in a while to wish them a happy holiday season. Consider scheduling a get-together with them after the new year. (10 minutes)
  1. Looking for ways to build your network or learn more about you function or industry of choice? Terrapins Connect is a professional networking and mentorship platform that will connect you with University of Maryland alumni who have been in your shoes and are eager to share their educational and professional experiences. Take a few minutes to register and explore the website. (10 minutes)
  1. Click on the City Campus Connection link of this edition of MBA Career Terp Talk and consider attending one of the end-of-year networking events sponsored by the local American Marketing Association and the Institute of Management Consultants. (5 minutes)
  • Not in the local area? Check out the professional associations in your hometown or state. See the November 12th archived version of the City Campus Connection for a listing of national association websites. (10 – 15  minutes)
  1. Are you planning on going home for the holidays? Consider looking up old contacts on LinkedIn. What are they doing? Where are they working? Schedule a visit to catch up and learn more, particularly if they are in a role or industry of interest to you. (30 minutes)
  1. Be creative! Develop and execute one additional way to set yourself up for success.  Be sure to share it with your coach!

We look forward to hearing about the steps you will take to set yourself up for career success!