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We survived year 1

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Xander1stIn all of our life pursuits, we seek to become skilled at our roles. In a job, I am always stressed about learning my duties, driving for success, keeping on top. After 6 months at a company, I’ve usually figured out the “big stuff” that I need to know to do my job well.

I thought the same thing was true for me as a parent. After three kids and six years, I thought I was a competent, if not talented, father. Our third son, however, has made me wonder if it was all luck before, or maybe I was just working so much that I wasn’t at home to see how hard it was. But Xander, who turned 1 this month (on the anniversary of my first semester final exams), reminds me that each child is different and requires a new set of skills, and some innovative thinking.

As a business man, this is an important lesson. Just because what you’re doing in business operatings is working doesn’t mean it will keep working. I was REALLY good at being the dad of two kids. I had no idea that the dynamic would change so drastically when I increased the brood to three. Completely changed things. Companies face this kind of faulty thinking when they open new business lines or expand to other countries. They assume that they will be successful in new arenas, simply based on their past success.
What they need is to be constantly challenged in ways that will make the reevaluate their processes and strategies. Maybe I should impel some company out there to improve by sending them a very lovable, very loud, and very needy one-year old…