On the road again

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at the Marbles Children's Museum in Raleigh

at the Marbles Children's Museum in Raleigh

For the first time in over a year, we’ve taken a road trip! With our youngest child being almost a year old, we took the risk. During his first months, he was an unbearable car companion, screaming for hours straight, so we never attempted to go farther away than my sister’s house in Easton, Maryland (two hours away). But over Halloween we decided to make another attempt, and we drove to Raleigh, North Carolina to visit family and friends.

Xander survived the trip excellently! He slept for hours at a time, and was pleasant during his awake hours as well. My wife was smart enough to take long breaks at each stop, which made the 5 hour trip take more like 7 hours, but it was worth it. At one rest stop, we were playing Frisbee with our older boys, which was really a blast. Luckily they aren’t skilled enough to realize that I have almost NO skill in throwing a disc. I had a lot of fun just relaxing and doing nothing important all day. Quite a nice change from my usual MBA Friday, which is full of group meetings, writing papers, and answering emails.

We really enjoyed the Marbles Children’s Museum in downtown Raleigh, which is a sprawling, hands-on place for kids to play. The admission is only $5 per person, which is quite a change from the DC area, where any commercial museum costs around $13 minimum. The only children’s museum I’ve been to that’s better is the St. Louis City Museum (I’ve thought about moving my family to St. Louis just to be able to go there more often).

The only negative part about the trip was the return trip on Sunday night—when I finally started to think about the two papers I had to write for the next day.