The Big One

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The web has already been plastered with photos from the recent snowstorms. We’ve seen titles such as “Snowpocalypse”, “Snowzapalooza”, and other silly names. The part that I find the most fascinating is that this was the most snow to fall in DC in any winter…ever. Now, to be sure, it’s possible that there was more snow in one of the winters prior to 126 years ago when they began measuring. But the chances are pretty slim, because if it only happens once in recorded history, it would be unusual for it to have occurred many times during the years before that. But, to tell the truth, I enjoyed the ridiculous amounts of snow for a few reasons:
– another winter break from school (it’s almost impossible to think about homework with 3-4 feet of snow coming down outside your window)
– cross-country skiing (the snow was too deep on the ground, so we skiied on the streets before they were fully plowed. sometimes we skiied the snowbanks in the middle of the road, which put us higher than the tops of the buried cars)
– time with kids (the enjoyment of this had its ebbs and flows, as any home-bound parent will attest)
– Psych (I spent two nights watching Season 3 of the show, which is a favorite among my siblings but something I rarely make time for)
– snow ice cream, in many flavors and varieties (I’ll have to post some of my more delicious varieties that I created)
– snowball fights with my kids and the neighbors

This picture was taken at my father-in-law’s house. It’s hard to imagine right now that this gazebo is a lovely place to eat meals and watermelon in the summertime.