What is marketing?

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The answer to this question seemed much easier when I was working in DC area theatre companies. I would have responded, “Selling tickets and promoting the theatre”. Little did I realize at the time that marketing can have such a wide range of employment roles, some creative, some strategic, and some very logistical.

Tonight I made good on one of my campaign promises as co-president of the Graduate Marketing Association: to help students figure out more quickly what the heck they want to do within the realm of marketing. One of my frustrations last year was that I really enjoyed talking to companies about their marketing roles, but I had a hard time understanding what they really did on a day-to-day basis without actually being at the company. Also, I wanted to know what marketing opportunities existed for MBA’s outside of brand management, although that is certainly a major interest of mine.

To figure out this big mess, I invited speakers from several different companies to come and share their experiences with the students, focusing on the range of marketing roles in the field. Having already had a club meeting related to Brand Management, we honed in this time on marketing/database analytics and social media marketing. And then to top it off with some real life experience, we introduced our case competition with Wedding Wire. So, beyond hearing about marketing opportunities, the 1st year students have the opportunity to address a real marketing problem with some creative solutions. The students will form teams and then have to work together to come up with a solution in less than two weeks! (And during midterms, which makes it even harder). I’m excited to see what they come up with.

Overall, I think it was a very successful event. One 2nd year student was clearly excited about the analytical/CRM side of marketing, and I’m hoping that others went away with a similar concept of what they’d like to do within the marketing realm.

What do I want to do within marketing? That’s a question for another day.