How Far East Can You Go Before West?

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Count down, retrospect, and celebrate a closure and the new start.

When I was approached by prospective students, about school, MBA, life as an international student, the first thing I often told them was “I might not be the right person to talk to.”

I am not a typical MBA. I struggled, and I chose to stay atypical. “It takes nothing to join the crowd, but everything to be alone.”

I don’t do traditional text based cover letter; I don’t send resume to companies or connect with HRs. Instead, I do an infographic CV and I talk to co-founders and CEOs.

I have no concentration or track. I do fashion merchandising, entrepreneurship, graphic design, data analytics, marketing strategy, and consumer insights. They are equally weighted to me.

I have no Plan B. I have no alternative. I have no choice but to stick to my passion and indulge my rest of life in fashion + technology + e-Commerce.

How far east can you go before west? Assume the globe is round or flat, everything will eventually loop up together. My heart triggers my passion, my passion pushes me forward, my forwardness opens doors, and doors reconnect my heart.

Two years of MBA allows me to stop, make mistakes, retrospect, learn, get up, and take a fearless path that is no return. And that’s one of the biggest and fortunate transition of my life so far.

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