Is Dion Lee A Good Investment?

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Investing in young labels is similar to buying stocks. You care about the “expected value” years ahead. Chanel, Louis Vuitton, and Burberry all have humble beginnings, proving brands do evolve over time. So an up-and-coming designer may grow to a most coveted luxury one day, just as an established brand might disappear from the mainstream runway.

Each fashion week is an opportunity to witness the reshuffle of the whole industry, you see freshmen and dropouts, you see new collabo fetching a media buzz or joint labels going separate ways. There should be an index that captures the brand value of major designers, so you can observe the pattern and estimate growth potential.

I started to notice Dion Lee as early as 2012 because I am always looking for one-of-a-kind design that does not compromise functionality. The Australian designer’s early adoption of 3D technology into daily ready-to-wear simply stood out. I purchased a dozen of silk blouses with cut-out design for my online boutique and they sold out the next couple of days! And I knew Dion Lee is going to be phenomenal.

It is important for an emerging designer to establish his/her personal signature even in its infancy. Dion Lee certainly has a good master of that. Spring 2014 was the designer’s debut New York show and a reinforcement of his signature 3D cutting and futuristic prints.  Abstract yet feminine shapes are figure flattering. And the famous filter cut-out returned to the stage. The first look of the new collections seemed to revisit his 2012 classic, a stunning biker jacket that topped my 2012 must-have list.

Already overshadowing his Australian fellow designers, Dion Lee is certainly taking on a global dimension. He might not be aware that my clients in China are saving hard for his latest looks! Dion Lee, time to buy in. Check out the following runway photos and my favorite filter design across three seasons of collections.

Spring 2014

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Fall 2013


Fall 2012

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Sam  on October 4th, 2013

I must say Im quite impressed with your fashion sense and also the relationship between fashion and investments

Yang Zhao  on October 4th, 2013

Thank you and that’s a very solid compliment! 🙂