Sexy Data

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I still remember my own words during my first week in business school – “I find it really hard to develop affection for data.”

You never know.

One year later, I fell in love with data! Not simply because I am doing surprisingly well in heavy quantitative courses, in fact scoring A+ across all data driven classes, but also because I discovered the fun part of it.

Of course, I am never a friend of math. But data is not just about math. Math is merely a tool but what makes a difference is your business sense and the creativity involved in setting up hypotheses. Last term, I took a Marketing Analysis class and I am totally addicted to it. Upon completion, I chose to enroll in an advanced course in Data Mining and also take a major data analytics project in my recent internship at a fashion e-commerce company.

Yes. I will keep you posted of this exciting and challenging internship.

For 26 years, I have never thought of myself as a quantitative person and I have been trying to avoid numbers for my whole life. If it were not for the MBA, I would never have forced myself to acquaint with data and found the sexy part of it. So never make a conclusion for things you haven’t tried out yet. Outside the comfort zone lies the sweet spot!



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