The Profile of A Free Rider

April 12th, 2014 by under Fun and Fearless, Say What MBAs Say. No Comments.

Never try to debunk a free rider. Identify and avoid a free rider before it’s too later.

MBA is neither heaven nor hell; your classmates are neither angels nor devils. If you want to improve your life and learning experience, try to avoid common free riders and academic parasites, and you need to get to know them first.

Despite a relatively small sample size, most free riders I’ve encountered so far share the following commonalities.

  • Most likely it’s a he, but sometimes, it can be a she.
  • Most likely good looking, charming, and very if not overly personable.
  • He or she leaves almost perfect first impression, often striking you as quick-wit, honest and innocent.
  • He or she makes a lot of upfront commitments.
  • Endowed with talented public speaking skills and enjoys speaking in public.

Ouch! There are plenty of nice and wonderful people like that! Don’t worry, there are traces you can track.

  • Growing more charming and personable in front of bigger groups, authorities, and seniority.
  • Overly eloquent but what he’s just said doesn’t make a lot of sense. (If you are smart enough to realize that…)
  • Most likely a qualitative person and doesn’t sign up for a lot of quantitative courses.

Free riders are known for their ability to free ride without being held accountable of. Trust me. Don’t try to debunk a free rider, just avoid them.

And voilĂ ! Count down to graduation!