Fitting In or Standing Out? Breaking Into Fashion, In China Context

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Most international students have some sort of identity crisis when they just came to the US. We are shy; we have accents; we don’t get drunk or high too much. Despite the high inclusivity of American culture, we sometimes still feel isolated. So “fitting-in” has become a major part of our social homework.

We talk English to our fellow countrymen; we eat Five Guys and watch footballs, forcing ourselves to fall in love with a sport we don’t even understand. Unfortunately, we still couldn’t fit in. We see our more than two decades of foreign lives ” a baggage”.

Wait a minute? Why fit in when you can stand out? Why not stay special?

This was the new wisdom I found when I was put onto a student panel of a luxury industry seminar in New York. When it comes to China luxury market, we are hot! Americans want to dig our brains and know everything we intake and expel. The audience, luxury retailers exchanged business cards with Chinese on one side and we added contacts on WeChat. Some rather effortless insights of mine led the way to a casual business lunch with a luxury retail company and another upcoming networking event with some rather prominent business people with China connections. Unfortunately, I could not disclose any further details until I secure some real opportunities.

Make sure to fully use your regional advantage. Our value is not in how “fit” we have become into American culture. What makes us special makes us stand out. Find places that look for talents with your specialties and feel proud about them.


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One Comment

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