Happening Now: What If You are Bullied by A Tenure Professor?

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That’s because in an administrative role, a bully has the power to make decisions about the target. Part of it is the unique nature of higher education. The tenure process is different than any other environment. Administrators in academia have power over colleagues, and sometimes that power causes them to bully their subordinates.

Dear readers,

It has been six months since I have unfortunately become a victim of a major free-riding and academia bullying incident. I was lucky that the school authorities have received my allegations and started investigation into these issues. However, because of the sensitivity and complexity of the situation, it will be difficult for the school to arrive at a decision promptly enough to the closure of the event – grading.

For the first time, in my life, I have to ask that question: what if you are bullied by a tenure professor?

I also realized that situation can be worsened to an extent that I need law enforcement intervention and I am doing research now and seeking support from external parties. If you have a tip of how to deal with and protect myself from a bullying tenure professor, please send me an email to yang.zhao@rhsmith.umd.edu.

Meanwhile, I found this article really encouraging:

Being Bullied Isn’t Just for Students: Bullying Said To Be Up Among College Faculty