Twitter – The Hidden Weapon of Job Hunting

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I am very slow when it comes to the adoption of social media related technology. Most people choose to have a user name or a herd of followers as soon as a new thing comes out; I would rather wait until I make sure it is not something like Facebook that feeds you with semi-garbage information. That does not justify that I just registered Twitter and had only 21 tweets and 9 followers.

However, a purely unexpected incident changed my entire view of Twitter and led to new discovery of techniques in job hunting.

I bought a Chanel bag from an online marketplace X and made a comment on its user experience via Twitter.  I assumed that’s how we use Twitter, we tweet things we think about. And then I realized the Founder and CEO of X followed me and private messaged me inquiring for what user experience failed to fulfill my needs. And it was the CEO himself, not some copywriting agencies.  He asked me if I could write him an email and I did and the next thing was I added him on LinkedIn.

What are the rare chances of getting connected with a CEO in real time through online exchange? Well, of course, the comment I made might get me stand out. I’m sure Twitter influencers get tags hundreds of thousands of time daily.

It struck me why not using Twitter to follow the companies and people you admire and reach out to them directly? We international students usually don’t get a chance to meet the hiring managers because HR people are the biggest hurdle. Why not use Twitter or LinkedIn to get around with HRs and talk to the people you wish to work with directly?

It’s just a start but I will share more as I myself exploring social media.

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