6 Facts and 6 Questions for Business Women Wanting to Break into Fashion

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1. Fashion is a shitty industry unless you love it.

2. Fashion pays poorly. Director of Marketing Analytics at Bloomingdale’s is paid $120k, and for smaller retailers, you will not get $60k until you hit director or VP level.

3. Fashion doesn’t give a ***** about your business degrees. An MBA means nothing to them.

4. It’s extremely likely you will get half of the average pay of your MBA classmates at the beginning of your fashion career.

5. If you want to do serious fashion in the U.S. New York is the only place, not one of a number of options. L.A., Chicago, DC all have fashions, but not fashion fashion.

6. Most fashion industry people can not afford what they wear. They are sponsored and they wear freebies.


1. Are you ready for an unpaid internship?

2. Are you ready to accept a lower than expected package even you know you are worth more than that?

3. Are you willing to roll your sleeves and do all the dirty work such as cleaning the sole of a pair of pre-loved shoes?

4. Can you stand it that there are a bunch of rich people who do fashion just for fun while it’s your career and you are making a living out of it?

5. Are you willing to deal with drama such as customers who are addicted to free return policies?

6. Are you willing to take on a path with no return and give up your plan to back out and resume a corporate job as a consultant or a marketing specialist?

If you understand all the facts and answer yes to all the questions. You will make it in fashion.

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