Never Ending Beginning: See You in New York!

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A journey has no ending but new branches. Two years back to school has rejuvenated my lust for knowledge, my thirst for soul search, and my passion for life. I will continue my education in data analytics, fashion merchandising, textile design, and exploring cutting edge technology in fabrication and wearable geometry.

I came back to school yet defined; and I left the school forever undefined.

The most commonly seen Constants in my life: Re-definition, Female, and Chinese.

I am intrigued by infinity, and bored by mediocrity.

I push boundaries for Freedom, for Expression, for Dream.

I look at the world through the lens of Golden Ratio and Pareto Principle.

I am about to embark on a journey of uncertainty. If you enjoy reading my often insanely honest thoughts, follow me on Tumblr at

See you in the future, where I am a Blogger, Editor, Buyer, Analyst, Fashionista, Deep Thinker, Soul Searcher, and… Ball Buster…

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